The Community calls for aid so that they can sell their products and services through the Internet

The Autonomous Community will facilitate the incorporation of SMEs and the self-employed into electronic commerce with the first call for aid so that companies in the Region with their own establishments can market their products and services through the Internet. For this, businesses will receive a maximum aid of 10,000 euros to contract the online sales service through one of the suppliers accredited by the General Directorate of IT, Heritage and Telecommunications.

The announcement was made by the Minister of the Treasury, Fernando de la Cierva, to the representatives of the Murcia Association of Companies in the Information Technology, Communications and Audiovisual Sector (Timur), during the meeting they held last Friday. , announced the commitment of the regional government to make Murcia a completely digitalized region.

Open the deadline to become an accredited supplier

The deadline for submitting applications to become accredited suppliers and thus offer e-commerce services subsidized with this aid is currently open.

Telematics services firms must offer SMEs and the self-employed an 'e-commerce' manager with an 'app' for mobile phones, domain and 'hosting'; digital business monitoring and evaluation service; a digital advertising campaign; as well as consulting services, training, legal adaptation to the new business model and adaptation of the website to a second language.

Telematics firms must offer a manager, in addition to advising and providing monitoring and evaluation

SMEs and the self-employed may apply for aid once the suppliers are accredited.

Once the selection of suppliers is completed, SMEs and the self-employed will be able to request aid to hire the IT services they need to sell their products online with the possibility of electronic payment. These grants are also aimed at companies that already have a website and want to translate it into another language or create a sales app.

The digitalization of small businesses "is key to ensuring their survival in the face of an increasingly technological consumer and thus we give them the opportunity to open up to new markets and compete with large online sales platforms. For this we have the help of Timur, who helps channel the aid," stressed the counselor. The initiative is co-financed by the Community and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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