Labor mobility in Spain breaks record

Murcia is among the first regions to receive employees from other communities. We Spaniards increasingly have fewer problems when it comes to moving to other regions to find a job, according to the latest Randstad report....
Declaración IRPF 2015: ¿individual o conjunta?

Personal income tax return 2015: individual or joint?

One of the first doubts that arise when we start filing our income tax return is whether to opt for the individual or joint return. The best option depends on the personal situation of each spouse, specifically whether they both work, have children,...
Novedades para autónomos en la Renta 2015

News for self-employed in Income 2015

They must take into account the decrease in personal income tax from 19 to 15% and those who carry out their activities from home will also be able to deduct the supplies If you are self-employed, in view of the liquidation of the personal income tax for the 2015 financial year, you must take into account several novelties that have.. .
Empieza la campaña de Renta 2015

The 2015 Income campaign begins

We inform you of the main deductions and developments after last year's tax reform, which implies, among other things, new deductions for families in the form of negative taxes, and the end of the general reduction of 2,652 euros for income...
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