Orden Ministerial de Módulos para 2017

Ministerial Order of Modules for 2017

. The BOE of today, November 29, publishes the Order of Modules for the year 2017, which updates for this year the provisions of article 32 of the Personal Income Tax Regulation (RD 439/2007, of March 30) and 37 of the Regulation VAT (RD 1624/1992, of December 29), which...
Este domingo 27 los comercios podrán abrir al público

This Sunday 27 shops will be able to open to the public

In accordance with the Order that modifies the schedule for opening to the public of shops on Sundays and holidays in the Region of Murcia for the year 2016, published in the BORM on August 6 of this year, the following Sunday, August 27, is included. November as a holiday...
¿Sabes qué gastos se pueden pagar con la tarjeta de empresa?

Do you know what expenses can be paid with the company card?

In order not to surprise us with the Treasury, it is necessary to know exactly what are the expenses that can be paid as representation expenses and adopt a series of management rules. Being this case a subject, unfortunately current, the use...
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