Online procedures


We have the leading computer applications in our professional sector, applications that quickly adapt to regulatory changes, so frequent lately, and that guarantee the quality of our service. Our applications integrate the most innovative technologies for us and for our clients, with implementation programs on clients' computers and with the possibility of using On-Line Consulting (requests, procedures, queries, lists, documents, etc., from any computer with internet access).
Currently the office is attached to:
Social Security RED system for data transmission (since 1996).
Tax Agency through the Virtual Office.
e.Administration (ANF Registration Authority) with the capacity to issue digital certificates. Registration Authorities Level 2.
PAIT agent of the CIRCE program for the creation and constitution of companies by electronic means.
LexNet Program of the Administration of Justice.
Plan Avanza Certified Digitization (e.factura).
Telematic presentation of Annual Accounts in the Mercantile Registry.
What allows to carry out any administrative management throughout the national territory such as certificates from the Register of Accredited Companies for the construction sector, Labor Inspections in any Autonomous Community, commercial Certifications, etc.
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