The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has announced a new aid program for small and medium-sized companies in order to promote the use of the Internet and new technologies in the business and labor sphere.
The program is supported by the entity designed to promote employment among companies that are committed to the digital vanguard.
The maximum subsidy for which companies that carry out this adaptation can apply is 15,000 Euros, which may cover a maximum of 80 % of the requested eligible budget.
Any small or medium-sized company may apply for and obtain this subsidy as long as they meet a series of requirements:

Less than 250 employees.
Business volume less than 50 Million Euros.
Tax domicile in Spain.
They have begun their initial activity before the publication of these bases.
What type of cloud solution does this grant program cover?
To make it easier for companies to know what type of needs they can cover in their business, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has made a catalog available to SMEs that includes the type of solution they can implement, dividing them into several categories:

  • Category 1. User position
  • Category 2. Economic management
  • Category 3. Business management
  • Category 4. Relationship with clients
  • Category 5. Point of sale management
  • Category 6. Internet presence
  • Category 7. Electronic commerce
  • Category 8. Infrastructure as a service
  • Category 9. Development platform as a service
  • Category 10. Virtual switchboard

Applications can be submitted from May 4 to 25, 2016 through the electronic headquarters.
It is certainly a good opportunity to adapt your business to the new demands of the market, so if you want more information, you can request it from us through the Contact Form, and our experts will contact you.

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