EL BORM publishes on July 2, the order of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment of June 13, 2016 which establishes the regulatory bases for subsidies to individual artisans and artisan companies in the Region of Murcia.

The objective is to promote and enhance the competitiveness of the craft sector, by subsidizing the package of measures included in the Public Strategy of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, “Lines of Action for Innovation and Modernization of Crafts of the Region of Murcia”

A single application must be submitted per artisan workshop. The applicant may request aid for several of the investments included in this Order, but will only have the right to receive, if applicable, a single subsidy. The maximum amount of subsidy to be granted will be 50% of each of the investments to be made by the applicant in the artisan workshop for which aid is requested, up to a maximum of 3,000 euros.

They are eligible management and identity costs such as those related to the design and printing of the labeling of artisan products and the identification plates of the workshops

They are also contemplated aid for innovation and design, such as contracting a design or innovation project to a professional designer or the costs of intellectual protection of new designs,

Regarding the Production, Quality and ICT line, aid is contemplated:

To the works in the artisan workshop for the first installation, expansion, transfer or renovation of its facilities and means of production

The new acquisition of machinery and equipment for the workshops

The acquisition of systems with new technologies in the artisan's production systems

The acquisition of security systems in existing machinery and facilities

Hiring tests in accredited laboratories to certify the final product.

In the Communication and Marketing line, Eligible are the costs of developing and improving websites and electronic commerce in the artisan workshop, and the costs of registering artisan workshops in professional exhibitions and fairs.

If you need more information about these and other subsidies that you can benefit from, all you have to do is contact our specialists through our form or in our offices.

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