They may join research teams as technicians

 The aid will be 12,600 euros per year of contract

A total of 80 unemployed young people with a higher degree of Vocational Training will carry out internships for a period of up to two years in R&D&i tasks, thanks to the subsidies of one million euros called in the BORM by the Ministry of Employment and Company. The deadline to request this aid ends on June 22 and beneficiaries may be universities, public research and innovation entities, technology centers, non-profit entities or small and medium-sized businesses.

Young people will participate in specific R&D&I projects that will highlight their potential, lasting between one and two years. During that period they will receive, at least, a remuneration of 900 euros per month with 14 payments. However, the contracting entity may increase this amount.

The specific aid to each entity will be 12,600 euros per year of internship training contract that they offer, and in most cases this opportunity will mean the first contact with the labor market for young people. These must have obtained their higher FP degree in the last five years.

In order to access this aid, an R&D&I project must be presented to the General Directorate and detail the tasks of the person hired, who must be registered as unemployed. Some examples of projects from previous calls are the development of new wines in wineries in the Region, the design of new management software for the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, or an energy efficiency program and monitoring of electricity consumption.

Councilor Javier Celdrán highlighted that this measure “is very interesting both for young people who have recently graduated who are looking for their first job opportunity as part of a research team and for the companies or institutions that can request them, because they incorporate young talent to complete their team. and contribute to their training.”

“One of the main objectives of this initiative is to promote R&D&I in companies and entities in the Region, and progressively integrate more and more young people into these projects, which are the ones that generate the greatest added value,” stated the adviser.


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