The application period ends on July 25

Among the new developments, it is worth highlighting that the priorities regarding subsidies have been reviewed when evaluating applications.


The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published new subsidies for self-employed workers (PUBLICATION HEREYO). Specifically, these consist of financing the expenses derived from carrying out activities to support and promote self-employment, the social economy and the social responsibility of companies.

The subsidies approved by the BOE also contemplate that the aid serves to partially finance the operating expenses of associations of self-employed workers, cooperatives, labor societies, insertion companies and other representative entities of the social economy. state.

Specifically, the budget for this year has been divided into three items, 1,960,030 euros will be allocated to subsidize training, dissemination and promotion of self-employment activities. 876,164 euros will be to develop contained measures of the Spanish Social Economy Strategy 2017-2020. While 1,477,970 euros will be for the operating expenses of the beneficiary entities.

Among the new features of the call, whose application period expires on July 25, it stands out that the priorities regarding subsidies have been reviewed when evaluating applications.

Promote diversity in the workforce

In fact, actions have been incorporated to promote diversity in the workforce, through an equal opportunities policy, including the promotion of women in management positions. Actions to integrate social responsibility practices in small and medium-sized companies also stand out.

Likewise, those projects whose scope of action are rural territories and depopulated territories appear as beneficiaries, aimed at avoiding depopulation and uprooting, in line with the National Strategy against the Demographic Challenge.

On the other hand, with these subsidies, self-employed people will be able to promote Social Responsibility and sustainability at different educational levels, as well as prepare and disseminate informative materials on non-financial information and diversity.

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