Interview given to the newspaper La Opinión of Murcia by the president of the College of Social Graduates of the Region of Murcia, Mr. José Ruiz.

"The coronavirus has meant a before and after, both in relations with the Administration and with clients," says José Ruiz, president of the College.

Source: La Opinion

«Without a doubt, this time that we social graduates have had to live through in relation to the activity we carry out for companies and workers, has meant a before and after, both in relations with the Administration and with clients. We have faced, without knowing what was coming, a malignant virus that has attacked the entire society and that, due to the bitter experience of other nations, we would never have thought would reach us with the virulence that the COVID-19," says José Ruiz, president of the Professional College of Social Graduates of the Region of Murcia.

Were the offices of social graduates really prepared to address this health crisis?

The answer must be affirmative. We have been able to overcome every problem that has arisen. And there have been not a few. In addition, we have faced the difficulties that have arisen and encountered along the way.

This is due to the very high qualification of each and every one of the professionals that make up the group of social graduates. They have known how to be on the front line of the battle to minimize the terrible consequences that, for both companies and workers, the adoption of an exceptional measure such as the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) entails.

They have been hard weeks of work, but in which we have had the invaluable collaboration and support of the administrations. In particular, we want to recognize the efforts of the Provincial Directorate of the State Public Employment Service, and the General Treasury of Social Security, which have collaborated closely on a daily basis with our professional Association so that the benefits of workers affected by ERTES have been able to be processed.

We know that hundreds of administration officials have worked tirelessly and continue to do so since their priority is for the affected people to be able to collect their benefits next month, making it a titanic job to process the hundreds of thousands of applications received these days.

What is the second phase?

After this first stage, not yet finished, we find ourselves with another professional challenge: the defense of the legitimate interests of companies and workers in the Social and Commercial Courts.

A shock plan is announced by the Government in order to indicate all the suspended trials and continue with those currently indicated for when the State of Alarm is lifted. Also, it is planned to adopt concrete measures given the certainty of an expected increase that will be exponential in certain orders of the different jurisdictions.

Having said the above, we do not agree that the month of August is completely convenient given the burden that we social graduates carry. At these times, it becomes very difficult to combine our daily work with the preparation that every trial entails.

Once again, we social graduates have made our contribution, both with the CGPJ, as well as with the Ministry of Justice and the COVID-19 Judicial Monitoring Commission of the TSJ of the Region of Murcia, in order to provide those solutions that we consider essential to a more effective and agile JUSTICE, now that it is so necessary to respond to the defendants.

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