The fees for internship students will be 14.5 euros per month
The contribution will be mandatory, even if the practices are not paid
Scholars will not be entitled to unemployment, as requested by CCOO

Students who carry out training practices in companies or other institutions will contribute to Social Security for a value of 14.5 euros per month, regardless of whether they receive a salary or simply compensation for the expenses derived from carrying out the practices.

However, to prevent the measure from implying a cost for the companies that decide to welcome these students into their organizations who will only be able to carry out curricular internships -extracurricular ones will be prohibited-, the State will pay practically all the fees, specifically the 95% .

In the last draft delivered by the Ministry headed by José Luis Escrivá, from the month of July, a reduction of the 90% in the business quota for common contingencies was already established; although negotiating sources point out that it will rise to 95% after negotiations between the Security and Finance ministries, which must approve the extension of the bonus.

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