The Council of Ministers has approved the royal decree which regulates the compatibility of the minimum vital income (IMV) with income from work income or self-employed economic activity in order to improve the real opportunities for social and labor inclusion of the beneficiaries of the benefit .

Law 19/2021 establishing the IMV provides that, in order to promote the transition from a situation of exclusion to one of participation in society, the IMV will contain in its design incentives for employment and inclusion in order to avoid the called 'poverty trap', that is, the existence of the benefit inhibits its beneficiaries from seeking employment for fear of losing or seeing their income reduced.

The norm establishes a mechanism that guarantees IMV holders who find work, or improve their working conditions, the increase in their disposable income. This is one of the commitments included in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for that year. 

The Government spokesperson and Minister for Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, explained that this incentive will come into force in January 2023 and will be activated automatically based on changes in the beneficiary's situation, without the need to request it. "Zero paperwork," he said.

The aid will be more intense to support initial salary increases, as well as in the case of single-parent families, people with disabilities and those entering the labor market. The estimate is that the number of beneficiaries reaches 45,000 people.

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