Employment advice


Regarding Social Security

  • Affiliation, High, Low and Variation of Data of workers in Social Security.
  • Registration of Companies in Social Security.
  • Monthly preparation of Quotation Bulletins, both in General Regime and Agrarian Regime.
  • Preparation of TC 2 and TC 2/8 and their delivery by the RED System
  • Registrations and Deregistrations of the workers in the On-Line Company with the Social Security.
  • Requests for deferrals of Social Security contributions.
  • Requests for Credit Balances to Social Security.
  • Preparation and formalization of Work Accident Reports.
  • Diligence and processing of Temporary Disability reports.
  • Oral consultations on Social Security material.
  • Work Life Report of workers in the company.
  • Debt Certificates issued by Social Security.

Regarding SEPE and Tax Agency

  • Preparation of personal income tax declaration (model 111).
  • Preparation of the Annual Personal Income Tax Summary (model 190).
  • Preparation of the certificate of withholdings of workers.
  • Quarterly regularization of the types of retention of workers.
  • Preparation and registration of employment contracts and their extensions.
  • Company Certificate for Application for Benefits (Unemployment).
  • Presentation of Job Offers.

Regarding Labor Relations

  • Advice to the company on a permanent basis.
  • Study and preparation of monthly payroll.
  • Report and communication of faults and sanctions to workers.
  • Study and Preparation of Letter of Dismissal to workers.
  • Communication of End of Contract to the company and advance notice to the worker.
  • Appeals before the General Directorate of Labor.
  • Diligence of the Book of Visitors before the Labor Inspection.
  • Communication of Work Center Opening.
  • Representation before the Labor Inspectorate.
  • Personalized report on the contracting modality.
  • Study of Social Costs per worker.
  • Termination of employment contracts, preparation of settlements and notices to the worker, compensation calculations (termination of contracts, disciplinary dismissals or for objective reasons).
  • Study and processing of labor contracts with bonuses in Social Security contributions.

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