The president of the regional government advances the measures of his executive in fiscal and labor matters during the debate on the State of the Region

14 million euros will be allocated to employment plans for women, youth and those over 45 years of age

The president of the Autonomous Community, Fernando López Miras, announced on the first day of the Debate on the state of the Region, this Tuesday in the Regional Assembly, an investment of close to 15 million euros in employment plans for women, young people and over 45 years of age, since it considers these sectors as priorities in the employment strategy of the regional government, especially the incorporation into the labor market of women who had to leave it because they were mothers.

Employment measures

The women's employment plan will receive just over 6 million of the 15 announced to launch a dozen initiatives that promote labor incorporation and family reconciliation. A program with five actions and 4 million euros is also planned to incorporate young university students and vocational training graduates into the job market, with the aim of promoting the rejuvenation of the technical cadres of Murcian companies. The third program, with six actions and more than four million euros, will go towards reincorporating the unemployed over 45 years of age into the labor market. "There are three initiatives with more than 14 million euros in 2019 with the aim of employment reaching the most vulnerable sectors," he highlighted.

tax rebates

That was not the only announcement that he made as president in the debate on the political performance of the Governing Council during the last year. Starting in 2019 and for three years there will also be a reduction in the regional section of personal income tax "that will reach the middle classes, which are the ones that have borne the brunt of the crisis." There will also be deductions for school expenses for children from 0 to 3 years old, with an effect on nearly eight thousand families, and for birth and adoption "as a measure to promote birth rates."

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