The Ministry of the Presidency, Tourism, Culture, Youth, Sports and Spokesperson has published an Order temporarily extending the closing hours of certain public establishments in the Region of Murcia (BORM 02-02-2023).

According to the provision, in the Region of Murcia, on the occasion of the celebration of its Carnival Festivities, the Hospitality establishments, included in the following categories:
Restaurants, Cafés and Bars, Cafeterias, Cafés-Teatros and Tablaos Flamencos, duly authorized, may remain open, extending their closing or closing hours, over the hours regulated in the aforementioned Circular 2/94 of the Government Delegation by which
establishes the closing time for public establishments, shows and parties, two more hours, and Special Bars, except for Discotheques, regulated in the Order of January 3, 2013, of the Ministry of the Presidency, two more hours, both in the following terms:
– On February 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2023, in the municipalities where these festivities are traditionally celebrated and have an official program of activities.
– On February 25 and 26, 2023, in those municipalities where parades or other carnival parties are officially scheduled.

In those municipalities in which the programming approved by each City Council so provides, Las Verbenas and Popular Festivals, in the open air, may remain open until 07:00.
The Order itself clarifies that this exceptional and temporary authorization for the extension of hours does not exempt from compliance with the limits of immission and sound emission, nor of the other established norms, in terms of annoying activities, in the particular conditions of their respective licenses and in the general provisions on the police of public spectacles and recreational activities.

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