On December 30, Royal Decree 1077/2017, of December 29, was published in the BOE, which sets the minimum interprofessional salary for 2018.

He minimum interprofessional salary in 2018 for any activity in agriculture, industry and services has increased by 4% is set at  735.9€ monthly, in fourteen payments.

  • Minimum monthly interprofessional salary in 2018: €735.9
  • Daily Minimum Interprofessional Salary in 2018: €24.53
  • Annual Minimum Interprofessional Salary in 2018: €10,302.60

In the salary, only the remuneration in money is computed, without the salary in kind being able to give rise to the reduction of the full amount in money.

An increase of 5% for 2019 and 10% for 2020 is also set, provided that the economy registers a GDP growth of 2.5% and an increase in the average affiliation to Social Security of more than 450,000 people.

He Interprofessional Minimum Wage for casual and seasonal workers is fixed in 34,85 € per day and for household employees at €5.76/hour.

What is the minimum interprofessional salary?

The interprofessional minimum wage (SMI) is the minimum remuneration amount received by the worker for a full working day, regardless of the sex or age of the workers. For workers with part-time shifts, the SMI will be prorated based on the effective hours of work.

It is set annually and can be reviewed every six months in the event that the Government's forecasts on the CPI are not met.

The amount set is the minimum wage, it can be exceeded by collective agreement or individual agreement with the companies.

The revision of the SMI does not affect the structure or the amount of the professional salaries that the workers have been receiving, when these salaries as a whole and in annual computation are higher than the SMI.

The SMI is unattachable, except as provided in art. 608 of the Civil Procedure Law.

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