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Hello! Welcome to our advice and to our website, from where we can help you take your business to the next level. Do you wonder how we can accompany you on that path?

Well, in everything you don't want to waste time in the day to day of your business! If you have a company or are self-employed, we can offer you tax, labor and accounting advice, as well as the registration of patents and trademarks. We like to go beyond the simple management of procedures and documents. We want to be your support and help you make the best decisions for your business. That is why we like to maintain fluid communication and always be available to resolve any questions or problems that may arise.

Regarding the taxation of your business, we take care of making the paperwork not a burden for you. We avoid surprises when filing your taxes, and we help you manage your invoices, keep your accounts and much more. In this way, you make sure that all this administrative burden is done correctly and that you do not waste time on management processes that do not make you more profitable without only making you more busy with tasks that you should not spend your time on.


As for labor advice, we save you the administrative work involved in complying with the obligations imposed by law with respect to your employees. And if you have questions about contracts, payroll or Social Security, don't worry, we are here to solve them. In this way, you can focus on what really matters: your business.

And also, if you need to register a patent or trademark, we can also help you. We know that protecting your intellectual property is crucial for your business and, therefore, we offer you legal advice in this area. We accompany you throughout the process, from the preparation of the request to the defense of your rights in case of infringements.

At Aseryde we want you to feel safe and know that you have a team of highly qualified professionals who are concerned about your needs, attending to you in a personalized way, with fluid communication so that you always have us as your support in decision-making.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to helping you!


Since 1989, when the Aseryde team faced the challenge of uniting to be a reference in business advice, we have helped hundreds of clients, small and medium-sized companies and freelancers, to be more productive in their businesses and make the right decisions. in every moment.

All these years have taught us that if the accumulated experience together with the permanently updated qualification are fundamental when it comes to helping our clients, what has marked our day to day and has led to our work being valued very positively is the attitude , always be willing to help and resolve doubts, and guide you when difficulties of any business arise.

A prepared and close team with which to consult any matter when you need it, are the keys to our daily work, and as a result we maintain a portfolio of loyal clients, expanding and improving our services day by day.

Training, qualification, experience and closeness make the professionalism of our team our main value.

We work online

We are adhered to all the online processing platforms of the main Official Bodies such as Social Security, Tax Agency, Justice Administration, facilitating and expediting all the administrative procedures that your company requires, such as:

  • Telematic creation of companies (CIRCE)
  • Electronic bill
  • Telematic presentation of annual accounts
  • Certificates from the Registry of Accredited Companies for the construction sector
  • Labor Inspections in any Autonomous Community
  • Patents and trademarks register
  • commercial certifications
  • Etc.. 

Agile processing, carried out by experienced professionals, is synonymous with safety and efficiency.

An agile processing, carried out
by experienced professionals is synonymous with effectiveness.

We process subsidies

If you are looking for help to obtain subsidies for your professional or business activity, you are in the right place, since our Aseryde team will ensure that you are up to date with all the calls that the different organizations, both locally and regionally, national and even European convene and may interest you. 

But not only that, since we help in the study process of the grants to adapt the application to the requirements of the call, in the preparation and processing of the application, an administrative process that can be tedious and complicated for you. 

Through our newsletter that we will send you periodically, you will be aware of all the aid that is called, and at any time you can consult us about the existence of aid that suits your financing needs.

We adapt to your need

You can contract with us all the services you need in your company with our monthly subscription, designed for those clients who want to not worry about administrative procedures and procedures before official Bodies in tax, accounting and labor matters, dedicating their time and effort in the internal management of your business.

But you can also contract only those matters that you need at a certain time: studies, audits, reports, certifications, procedures, etc.

Regardless of the modality you choose, our team of professionals will be at your disposal to satisfy your business needs.

Choose the hiring modality that best suits your needs.

Choose the Modality of contracting
that best suits your needs

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