The BORM of April 26 published the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, by which subsidies are called for individual artisans and artisan companies in the Region of Murcia 2017.


Artisan companies and individual artisans that are considered a Micro-enterprise, in the SME category, with a workforce of less than 10 workers, dedicated to the elaboration of artisan products, may be beneficiaries of the subsidies called for in said Order. Law 1/2014, of March 13, on Crafts in the Region of Murcia, and whose artisan workshop is located in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia so that artisan workshops design and innovate, enhance their productive activity, improve safety and quality of their workshops and products, and increase their marketing.

The applicant may request aid for several of the investments included in the Order, but will only be entitled to receive, where appropriate, a single subsidy, for a total maximum amount of 3,000 euros, VAT not included, product of the sum of the maximum amounts of subsidy specified in the concepts described below, also fulfilling that the maximum amount of subsidy to be granted will be 50% of each of the investments to be made by the applicant in the artisan workshop.
The concepts for which the subsidy can be requested are:

Ordering and Identity
innovation and design
Production Line, Quality and ICT's
Communication and Marketing Line

The deadline for submitting applications ends on June 25.

For any information regarding this or other subsidies that you can benefit from in your professional activity, do not hesitate to contact contact with our office.

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