If the program detects a possible irregularity, it will send to the Inspection
It also develops an information tool

The Ministry of Labor is developing an algorithm with several variables that will compare the total hours that a company's employees spend in their workplace and the hours that the entire workforce can legally develop per week.

The algorithm will determine if the actual work is much higher than what the staff can nominally perform, which means overtime.

If so, the algorithm will put the Labor Inspectorate on the track so that, if it considers that there are sufficient indications of irregularities in the treatment of overtime, an inspector's visit is planned.

Sources from the Ministry of Labor point out that it is within the possible that once it has come into operation, currently under development, it could consider sending massive letters to companies warning of these possible irregularities, as has been done in recent years. In fact, a few weeks ago 83,000 letters were sent for alleged irregularities in the fixed-discontinuous contract.

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