The non-issuance of a company certificate when dismissing a worker is grounds for a sanction

SMEs and the self-employed face penalties if they do not issue a company certificate when firing an employee. The company certificate is an essential document to recognize the right to unemployment benefits. This serves both to prove the legal situation of unemployment and to determine its amount.

In a statement issued by the EFE Agency, in its SMEs section, it is reported that the certificate can be presented by sending the company certificate data to SEPE, without the intervention of the worker. This is achieved through files in XML format sent by the employer directly to SEPE the employer directly to SEPE.

You can also complete the process online. The company must enter the data in a web form. The importance of the certificate lies in the fact that it is a fundamental document to prove the legal situation of unemployment, which is why SMEs and the self-employed must present it when they dismiss a worker.

The same day of termination

Sending the company certificate to SEPE through the Certific@2 application is mandatory and must be done on the same day that the termination, suspension or reduction of the employment relationship occurs or, in any case, the day after the worker requests it from the company.

There is an order that regulates the mandatory sending of the company certificate to the SEPE by electronic means.

If you are in this situation and want the advice of professionals to avoid sanctions, contact our office by phone or through the web form.

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