They must take into account the decrease in personal income tax from 19 to 15% and those who carry out their activities from home may also deduct supplies

If you are self-employed, with a view to paying personal income tax for the year 2015, you must take into account several new features that have come into force and that should be clear to avoid having to make additional declarations a posteriori, and what is worse, suffer a penalty of the Tax Agency.

The reduction of the personal income tax for July.

Last July, the rate was changed from 19% to 15%, the IRPF rate, so the invoices that were issued with a date prior to July 12 were issued to the 19th, and from that date, to the 15%.

The ruling on deductible expenses for those who work from home

The ruling of the Central Economic-Administrative Court rejected the criteria of the Tax Agency and allows the self-employed to deduct supplies, such as water, gas, electricity, etc., from the personal income tax, according to the document prepared by Sage. For this, a mixed criterion is proposed between the square meters that are allocated to the activity, the working days of work and the number of hours in which they are developed.

New deductions of a social nature

There are also notable changes in terms of deductions for large families or those who have ascendants or descendants with some type of disability. The new deductions are established at 3,000 euros for cases of disability equal to or less than 33%, while it will rise to 6,000 euros when the help of a third person is required and 12,000 euros when it is above 65%.

Do not pass up any deductible expenses

There are other products that can also be deducted and that generally go unnoticed by most of the self-employed when making the income statement. Among other things are health or life insurance, both for the professional himself and for his spouse and children. Regional deductions must also be thoroughly reviewed, the inclusion of current expenses, financial expenses from external financing or losses due to deterioration of patrimonial elements, taxes such as IAE or IBI, in addition to the cost of hiring the services of professionals. as notaries or lawyers.

In any case, you can consult with our tax experts Any questions you may have when making your income statement for last year, since no one like them will advise you the best for your interests.

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